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Books & other Reading

 Gaucho Blue Gallery’s list: 

Along the High Road (A Guide to New Mexico’s High Road to Taos)” - Margaret Nava – Sunstone Press 

“High Road to Taos” - Mike Butler – Arcadia Publishing 

“The High Road to Taos” – Frantz Laurie – New Mexico Tourism 

“History of the Settlement of El Llano de San Juan, Part II” - Simeon Tejada, trans. Lorin Brown 8/16/39 - in WPA Files #233b, EXP. # 24, SRCA, Santa Fe, NM. 

“Historic New Mexico Churches” – Annie Lux, photos by Daniel Nadelbach - Gibbs Smith 

“A Sense of Mission: Historic Churches of the Southwest” – Thomas A. Drain photos David Wakely – Chronicle Books 

“Built Of Earth & Sky: Churches of Northern New Mexico” – Marie Romero, photos Jack Parsons – Red Crane Books 

“We Fed Them Cactus” – Fabiola Cabeza de Baca –University of New Mexico (UNM) Press 

“Mayordomo (Chronicle of an Acequia in Northern New Mexico) - Stanley Crawford - UNM Press 

“Garlic Testament: Season On A Small New Mexico Farm” - Stanley Crawford - UNM Press 

“Song of the Flute Player (Seasons of Life in the Southwest)”- Sharman Apt Russell – Addison Wesley 

“Acequia Culture (Water, Land, & Community in the Southwest)” - Jose A. Rivera - UNM Press 

“Acequia: Water Sharing, Sanctity, and Place” – Sylvia Rodriguez – A School for Advanced Research Press 

“Enchantment and Exploitation (The Life & Times of a New Mexico Mountain Range)” – William de Buys - UNM Press 

“A River of Traps (A Village Life)” – William de Buys & Alex Harris – In association with the Centre for Documentary Studies at Duke University 

“Maxwell Land Grant" (Facsimile of 1942 Edition) – William A. Kelcher – Sunstone Press 

“Spanish & Mexican Land Grants & The Law" – Edited by Malcolm Ebright – Sunflower University Press 

“Cidermaster of Rio Oscuro” – Harvey Frauenglass – University of Utah Press 

“Old Spanish Trail North Branch and its Travellers” – Ron Kessler – Sunstone Press 

“Roots of Resistance (A History of Land Tenure in New Mexico)" – Roxanne Dunbar Ortiz University of Oklahoma Press 

“Talking Ground” – Douglas Preston – UNM Press 

“Cabeza de Vaca’s Adventures in the Unknown Interior of America" - Alvar Núñez Cabeza de Vaca - UNM Press 

“The Preservation of the Village: New Mexico’s Hispanics and the New Deal" – Suzanne Forrest – UNM Press 

“The Contested Homeland (A Chicano History of New Mexico)” – edited by Gonzales-Berry & Maciel – UNM Press 

“Mornings In New Mexico” – D.H. Lawrence – Freedonia Books 

A New Mexico Trilogy: “Milagro Beanfield War”, “The Magic Journey”, “The Nirvana Blues” – John Nichols - Ballantine Books 

A New Mexico Memoir Series: “If Mountains Die”, “The Last Beautiful Days of Autumn”, “On The Mesa” – John Nichols -? 

“The Great Southwest: The Story of a Land and Its People” – Elna S Bakker, Richard G Lillard – Literary Licensing 

“New Mexico Genetic Genealogy” (validating and comparing New Mexico genealogical lineages with DNA via the NM DNA Project) – Miguel A. Torrez -

"New Mexico Place Names - A Geographical Description" – Edited by T.M. Pearce, Published by New Mexico Paperbacks

"Historical Atlas of New Mexico" – Warren A. Beck - University of Oklahoma Press 

"Captives & Cousins" – James F Brooks -  The University of North Carolina Press

"Rio Arriba: A New Mexico County" compiled and edited by Robert J. Torrez & Robert Trapp - Rio Grande Books

"The Comanche Empire" – Pekka Hamalainen - Published by Yale University Press

Frank Waters: Book of The Hopi, The Man Who Killed The Deer, Masked Gods, Brave Are My People, and more… 

“The Plaza del Cerro in Chimayo: Settlement and Function”

“The History of the Acequia” 

“Ancient Traditions Keep Desert Waters Flowing” 


“Penasco New Mexico - Our History” 

“Picuris Pueblo Photo Gallery”

- Something from Mesdames Carton (Chamisal):

"The Place Names of New Mexico" – Robert Julyan - University of New Mexico Press

"Historic Churches of New Mexico Today" – Frank Graziano - Oxford University Press





  • Alabados—article on penitente songs by Alice Corbin Henderson

  • Michael Hearne composer of song on the "High Road to Taos."