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Leroy Fresquez Jr.


Pensando en el Cajon   “Pensando en el Cajon”, Irvin Trujillo, Saltillo style, natural and hand-dyed wool/silk tapestry, 48”x72”.
Leroy-Fresquez-2-Dragon1 72dpi.jpg

Leroy Fresquez Jr

My art uses recycled materials, and by working with found metal, I’m able to tap into a source of abundant discarded industrial objects, which tell a story that I can then translate into an abstraction of present day reality.  My design and construction processes are executed with care, demonstrating respect for the material’s past use and function.  My technique is the result of my mastery of welding, perfected through years of diligent practice and experience.

I have been inspired by the work of one of my favorite sculptors, Alexander Calder – 

Each time I complete a piece of sculpture I feel more connected to my inner self and my ability to create. 

16 Las Trampas Rd., Llano